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Grace Kelly, Photo by Howell Conant, 1955

The beautiful Grace Kelly! This Princess has been a fashion icon for many women through the years! I hope some of these beautiful old style come back because they were absolutely gorgeous!

Pablo Escobar

Check out this site for interesting facts about Pablo Escobar for kids. Short Summary, Biography and Fun Facts about Pablo Escobar. Biography and Interesting Facts about Pablo Escobar for kids.

Pablo Escobar (right) poses as a gangster in Las Vegas, next to his cousin Gustavo Gaviria in the 1980s - nuttty but interesting!

Pablo Escobar and his cousin, Gustavo Gaviria, dressed as gangsters, while visiting the Museum of the FBI (which no longer allows tours) in Washington D.

Grace Kelly

She was the beautiful movie star loved by millions who gave up her career to become a Princess in the Wedding of the Century (until Lady Dia.

"Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think…

Happy Birthday to Icon Sofia Villani Scicolone bka "Sophia Loren", the perfect embodiment of stylistic beauty and timeless elegance.