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Is someone seeking help? Help him. Does someone ask something of you? Give it. Has someone offended you? Forgive him. Have you offended someone? Rush to ask forgiveness and make peace. Does someone...

Consecration to St. Joseph II: The Medal of St. Joseph - ATX Catholic

As February 16, 2020 nears for the start of the Consecration to St. Joseph let us begin to prepare our hearts to encounter the man who most influenced Our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Teresa of Avila, St. André Bessette, and many others. Let us prepare for 33 days to enter St. Joseph’s workshop every day... [Read More]

αγιογράφος - αγιογραφίες

Η βυζαντινή αγιογραφία είναι παράδοση και ιστορία. Είναι η απεικόνιση του αγώνα που έχει σαν έπαθλο την ίδια την ύπαρξή μας. Ειναι ζωή!

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