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The saying "Here there be Monsters/Dragons" has been seen as simply a way to denote a lack of knowledge on maps. While the phrase has only been seen on one map, cartographers would often draw monsters to signify danger in certain seas and a general lack of knowledge due to limited exploration. Explorers of all times have repeatedly "vanquished" these monsters by simply proving they don't exist in that area, pushing these mythical monsters further back until they disappeared from maps…

Scully: On the old mariner maps, the cartographers would designate unexplored territories by simply writing "Here Be Monsters". Mulder: I've seen the same thing on maps of New York City. — The X-Files, "Quagmire"

Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages

This kind of moving illusion was created by professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka’s and it’s known as the rotating snake illusion.

dafont, free and safe. dafont latest version: Over unique fonts at your fingertips. dafont is a catalog of font sets available online for free.

Luis Callejas

Urban Design Map of Kiev, it appears that the creator used illustrator. I was drawn to this diagram due to the beautiful center layout. It almost reminds me of how ink may dribble down as if by accident.

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Dark streaks (or rectangles) shows that the product is composed entirely of chemically! The red squares show the product in yield and chemical from natural products. Green fields show the product contains only natural ingredients, free of chemicals

Up Goer Five

"Another thing that is a bad problem is if you're flying toward space and the parts start to fall off your space car in the wrong order. If that happens, it means you won't go to space today, or maybe ever."—A rocket explained with simple words. from XKCD


Artist: Automatt Title: There are no mini disasters Medium: Camera Size: n/a This example of tilt-shift photography shows what looks like a very tiny miniature fire in progress. When focus is altered, large objects appear miniature.

Differing angles of the mirrors create different views through the kaleidoscope.

"New World Transparent Specimen" - Iori Tomita

Iori Tomita - New World Transparent Specimens Fisherman-turned-artist in Yokohama City, Japan, Tomita creates art using the skeletons of various dead marine specimens, which he preserves and then colors with bright shades of dye.

diagram of letterforms

What Arab culture has to do with industrial ideals, midcentury design and Victorian hand-lettering.

Classic Movies in Ottoman Style  Murat Palta .

Se i classici del cinema fossero antiche miniature ottomane by Murat Palta