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an image of a planter made out of cement with the words, venus de milo air planter
Venus de Milo - Air Planter
Venus de Milo - Air Planter - Greek Statue Planter. The statue is Greek, from the Aegean island of Milos or Melos, so one might expect Aphrodite, since the Roman goddess Venus is distinct from the Greek goddess, but there is substantial overlap. #GreekStatuePlanter #SculputurePlanterPot #VenusdeMilo #FigurinesPlanters #AirPlanter
a plant in a rock with the text 6 inch pot housewarming gift succulent planter
6 inch pot - Housewarming Gift
6 inch pot - Housewarming Gift - Succulent planter. Inspired by our times, now its time to create life out of it. Designed as a table top decoration, to be used as an interior table top planter. #PandemicConcretePlanter #6inchpot #Succulentplanter #HousewarmingGift
a plant in a vase with the words, 16 5 cm queen sculpture click here
16.5 cm - Queer Sculpture
16.5 cm - Queer Sculpture. According to Ovid, he was born a remarkably handsome boy with whom the naiad Salmacis fell in love and prayed to be united forever. A god, in answer to her prayer, merged their two forms into one and transformed them into an androgynous form. #HermaphroditusConcrete #GlassFlowerVase #QueerSculpture
a white rock with a plant in it and the words 6 5 concrete and glass flower vase
6.5" Concrete and Glass Flower Vase - 16.5 cm - Woman Body Sculpture
6.5" Concrete and Glass Flower Vase - 16.5 cm - Woman Body Sculpture. This statue will provide a decorative touch to any place, a perfect and unique gift for your beloved ones. Colors and finish may vary from pictures, as this item is not factory made and from start to pack its handmade enough to have slight bubbles and/or color blending. #ConcreteGlassFlowerVase #WomanBodySculpture