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several different types of drawings are shown in this image, and each one has been drawn with
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amazing character sketches.
some drawings of princesses in different poses
The Art of Tangled
a drawing of a man holding a bird in his right hand and wearing a vest
Tangled (2010) - Character: Flynn Ryder
Living Lines Library: Tangled (2010) - Character: Flynn Ryder
a drawing of a man with wings on his back
favorite part of the movie:) I AM PRINCESS TIGAH LILY!!
a black and white drawing of a woman with long hair wearing a floppy hat, looking to the side
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Ariel Drawing Gif
a drawing of a baby elephant playing in a water bowl with its trunk sticking out
Bill Peet's Dumbo
Bill Peet's Dumbo, Disney
three different colored pencils depicting people on the beach
Newly Released From The Disney Vault! Bring Home Cinderella Diamond Edition on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Download + Free Printable Cinderella Party Guide
Rare Original Concept Art From Disney's Cinderella
an image of various poses and hair styles for the character in disney's frozen princesses
That one on the third row on the right end looking at the top right image reversed, then the frozen logo underneath- acrylic and Sharpie.
a drawing of an elephant sticking its trunk out
animation news + art
Bill Peet - Dumbo storyboard
a page in a comic book with people talking to each other
Featured Graphic Novelist and Advice from a Pro on How to Make Your Own Graphic Novel | Casa de Lindquist - Teaching
Featured Graphic Novelist and Advice from a Pro on How to Make Your Own Graphic Novel - Faith Erin Hicks shares what it takes to make a graphic novel as a professional in the field!