Op Ithaka kijk ik mijn ogen uit!

Filiatro, Ithaca island, Greece ❤️ beauty within. Looks like a marvelous place to be.

Kioni, Ithaca Island, Greece

Kioni, Ithaca Island, Greece - and it really is this beautiful

Ithaca, Greece. The home of odysseuss.

Ithaca: dramatically beautiful, rugged, relatively undeveloped, green and mountainous with steep blue indented bays and charming little harbours & villages.

Kioni, Ithaca

Self-guided, centred walking holiday on Cephalonia & Ithaca, route notes provided.


As a fan of the Odyssey I believe it's my duty to visit this gorgeous place.

ithaca - kioni beach

Ithaca, homeland of Odysseus & part of the Ionian islands. A short detailed travel guide of Ithaca, including all information on history, beaches, location & modern life of the island.