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[Digital art by Jeff Langevin]

Figurative Illustrations by Eugene, Oregon based artist and designer Jeff Langevin. Jeff is interested in creating imagery that is figural, imaginative and emotional, working with a combination of traditional and digital tools.

Tornado touching down near Parker, Colorado

The awesome power of this tornado, just south of Parker Colorado, is evident by the amount of earth being consumed in its vortex. Despite this power, Mother Nature was just putting on a spectacular show; only a single tree was damaged. By Zachary Caron

Fire Tornado | Fire-Tornado Pictures: Why They Form, How to Fight Them

A fire tornado swirls near a chimney on the roof of a burning house Fire tornadoes occur when intense heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form whirling eddies of air. These eddies can.

Inyan Tattoo

Inyan Tattoo