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Portrait of Greek (Pontos) insurgents. About Costume of the people's militia, and of the brigands and bandits from the mountains in the Giresun-Trabzon region. Armenian Military, Churchill, Greek History, History Of Photography, Freedom Fighters, Black Sea, Greek Life, World War I, Military History

Greek freedom fighters, May 19 is the day of remembrance of the Pontian Greek Genocide (1916-1923). Records kept mainly by priests show a minimum 350,000 Pontian Greeks exterminated by Turkish troops and Kurdish para-militaries. Other sources including foreign missionaries mention 500,000 deaths, most through deportation and forced marches into the Anatolian desert. Greek cities (Pafra, Samsous, Kerasous, and Trapezous) endured massacres and deportations that destroyed their populations.

illvedere: “ Greek-American volunteers in the Greek Army during the Balkan Wars. Greek History, World History, World War One, First World, Hellenic Army, Greek Soldier, Greek Royalty, Ww1 Soldiers, Military History

Greece Grece Greek Soldiers called to Balkan Wars 1912-13 from the USA - RARE | For sale on Delcampe

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Η καθαριότητα είναι, κατά πως λέει η παροιμία, η μισή αρχοντιά. Η άλλη μισή τι να 'ναι; Το αντίθετο της καθαριότητος; Λέμε τώρα! Λοιπόν να ...

"The Great Fire of Smyrna is the name commonly given to the fire that ravaged Izmir/Smyrna from 13 to 17 September Turkish armed forces systematically… Armenian History, Greek History, The Great Fire, Retro Images, In Ancient Times, Great Videos, Roman Catholic, World Cultures, Military History

Smyrna 1922

"The Great Fire of Smyrna is the name commonly given to the fire that ravaged Izmir/Smyrna from 13 to 17 September 1922. Turkish armed forces systematically…

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Το διάσημο πατάρι των ποιητών στο καφέ του Λουμίδη. Ο Ελύτης έλεγε ότι "εκεί κουβαλούσαν τις καινούριες αγάπες με τον Γκάτσο". Η ιστορία του Παπαγάλου - ΜΗΧΑΝΗ ΤΟΥ ΧΡΟΝΟΥ

Το 1938 άνοιξε το καφενείο του Λουμίδη στην οδό Σταδίου, δίπλα στο «Βιβλιοπωλείον της Εστίας».

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Οι διάσημοι σχεδιαστές και τα εκπληκτικά πατρόν, που πέρασαν από τη λαμπερή εποχή της Ολυμπιακής Αεροπορίας.

An American minister organized a last-minute sea rescue of people from the Ottoman city of Smyrna at the height of the Armenian genocide Armenian History, Turkish Army, In Ancient Times, World History, European History, Historical Sites, Small Towns, Strand, Nostalgia

From Smyrna to Mudania September-October 1922: Greek Reactions in U.S. and Greece

May Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day In it will have been a… Greek History, World History, Greek Men, Today In History, Remembrance Day, Ottoman Empire, Persecution, Ancient Civilizations, Historical Photos

May 19, Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day In 2014, it will have been a century since the Ottoman Empire and then the Republic of Turkey implemented policies that resulted in the genocide of 350,000 out of 700,000 Pontic Greeks, with the rest uprooted in the forced population exchange. Learn more about genocidal policies that brought an end to an ancient civilization in Asia Minor. http://www.london.d21.k12.il.us/teams/8synergy/pontoshistory.pdf

[Mobilization, Athens photo by Voula Papaioannou - Phorographic Archives of the Benaki Museum] Greek History, World History, Benaki Museum, Greece Pictures, Greece Photography, Greek Warrior, Modern Photographers, Greek Culture, Ancient Greece

OXI Day: Greek women were heroes in WWII, too - Hellenic American Leadership CouncilHellenic American Leadership Council

Their amazing feats of strength and courage should inspire us all.