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a couch and table in a room with red brick walls, wooden shelving and other items on the wall
Honing my photog skills today with @Tracey Fox Clark. How rad is this coffee table that's also a lazy susan? #iwantone #altsummit #thanksbing
a salad with carrots, lettuce and other vegetables
Salads TO.DIE.FOR. catered by @Kelsey Myers Olson La today! #altsummit #thanksbing
a camera and some other items on a table
- foodblog by a Dutch girl living in LA
Having a blast at @Anne Trout Summit Design Camp! Thanks @Tracey Fox Clark for the inspiration! #thanksbing
a white plate topped with lots of veggies next to a knife and fork
Lunch was light and delish at this Alt Summit Design camp #altsummit #thanksbing
a street with cars parked on both sides and an overhead sign that says venice above it
Obligatory Venice Beach shot. #vscocam #discoverla #socal.
a globe sits on top of a table with other items around it and people in the background
Sharing a world of photography knowledge with the #altsummit class. Thanks @Tracey Fox Fox Clark #thanksbing
a shell is sitting on top of a piece of brown material that looks like it has been cut in half
Shell we dance...or naw? #altsummit #thanksbing
an old camera sitting on top of a wooden table
Taking a photography lesson today from @Tracey Fox Clark at the Bing lounge in Venice Beach. I'm really excited to learn about making pretty pics n stuff @Anne Trout Summit #thanksbing
an old fashioned camera with a flash drive attached to the front and side, sitting on a white surface
Playing hookey with @ryan_foy to play with cameras! Thanks for the knowledge @Tracey Fox Clark #thanksbing
a wooden chair sitting in front of a brick wall next to a potted plant
Talking about light and composition with @Tracey Fox Clark. The @Bing Lin Lin building in Venice ain't a shabby place to practice. #thanksbing