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Great fucking idea why didn't I think about that? I want a Disney leg and I was gonna put nightmare on my opposite leg of my alice but why not put it on my calf on my Disney leg that's awesome!!!

Check Out 35 Best Leg Tattoo Designs for Women. Suppose if we are talking straight about the sexy leg tattoo designs for women then one must be aware about the complications they can face while tattooing their legs.

Tattoo ideas - right calf

Armband tattoos are generally seen as a masculine tattoo and come in many different fashions. Armband tattoos are usually seen in tribal tat.

Arm enso | This is how I envisioned my enso tatto as an arm band!! Amazing!!

I've seen black line tattoos before, but not like this! Original poster: "Paint brush blackwork by Eva at Beautiful Freak Tattoo"