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My mother told me she gave me birth that i can be happy, whoever is hurting me i shall send him to his mum !

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you would not say and do the things you do if you actually cared about me.

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There are several beliefs that Hamlet and Gertrude had a much deeper connection than mother and son relationship. We don't know the real relationship between them but as she died, his face demonstrated a love that a mother and son have.

20 διασκεδαστικά ρητά για γονείς με χιούμορ - Aspa Online

20 διασκεδαστικά ρητά για γονείς με χιούμορ

20 διασκεδαστικά ρητά για γονείς με χιούμορ - Aspa Online

Η δυστυχία είναι στις σκέψεις μας

the most times our sadness made from our thoughts and not from the reality.


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