Tibetan woman feeding marmots

Tibetan woman feeding marmots (that will be me someday! Minus the Tibetan part)

Tibet, something serene about the Tibetan people which I truly respect.

Two Tibetan women in traditional costumes


Dogon Mask Dance, Mali, Africa by mobilevirgin


TIBET-“Derriere l’objectif d’Eric Valli”, photos et propos.

The Atlas of Beauty – De superbes portraits des femmes à travers le monde

The Atlas of Beauty – De superbes portraits des femmes à travers le monde

THE ATLAS OF BEAUTY is a project of the fashion photographer Mihaela Noroc, who travel across the world in a road trip for the last 16 months in order to create beautiful portraits of women, capturing hundreds of images from Colombia to China.

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Tibetan baby in yak fur! Yak fiber wool has been utilized by nomads in the Himalayan region for over a thousand years to make clothing, tents, ropes and blankets. Photo by Alison Wright

Tibetan nomad girl. Western Tibet, 1999 ~ photograph by Matthieu Ricard

Tibetan nomad girl, western Tibet, photo by Matthieu Ricard


Faces of the World - Man from Litang, a county in the sw of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, w Sichuan Province of sw China. // photo by Steve McCurry

Женщина с серебряным поясом Тибет по дороге в Лхасу / Faces of Tibet - Silver Belt, on the road to lhasa, Tibet

Woman leaning against a door frame of a red, elaborately decorated door, wearing an ornate silver belt, seen on the road to lhasa, Tibet

Afar People: The Ancient Cushite People are the Nomadic Dagger Fighting Experts of The Horn of Africa.

Young Afar Woman - Bati - Ethiopia - Africa - By Robert Caputo

Bamileke of Cameroon © Alain Denis

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View Stock Photo of Portrait Of Zemba Girl Wearing Tribal Jewellery. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images.

Bijago Woman Guinea Bissau @ #lamistardilocast #tribut #tribute #tributon #homenaje #omaggio #дань @

Bijago woman of the matriarchal tribe, of West Africa, wearing her initiation mask.

Yoruba Masked Ritual Dancer, Nigeria

Yoruba Masked Ritual Dancer at Gelede Masquerade, Nigeria

National Geographic for Kids  |  Peru

National Geographic for Kids- Peru Globe Travel in Bristol, CT is standing by…