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a ceramic hand with fake nails on it next to a marker and eraser that says happy birthday
13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXCVI)
miniature plants are arranged in small pots on a shelf next to a dollhouse house
This Girl Makes Miniatures For Doll Houses With Crazy Precision
someone is holding an open box with miniature objects in it and there are other things inside
The Smallest Pochade? - OutdoorPainter
a hand holding an electronic device in front of a wall
japanese mozu studios creates impressive tiny rooms full of details
a doll house with green shutters and flowers on the windowsill is displayed in front of a white wall
Summer House Custom Dollhouse
a doll house with furniture and plants in it's display case on a table
ROSY on Twitter
a miniature table and chair in a wooden box
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