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two pillows that have been made to look like strawberrys on the front and back
a basket filled with lots of pillows sitting on top of a bed covered in red and white
Showing off the strawberries made from old quilts and grain sacks today! Website restock Sunday at 7 PM ET. #strawberryseason… | Instagram
various sewing supplies laid out on a table
Summer Blooms by Ana Mallah
Three charming needlework accessories featuring pretty garden flowers.
a stuffed strawberry hanging from a hook with measuring tape
an arrangement of fabric and sewing supplies on a checkered tablecloth with scissors, tape measure, and flowers
Colgante Costura Sunflower
a red and white checkered table cloth with a small decorative object on it's base
Esprit Brocante - Bienvenue dans le petit monde de Crosstitchfairy
a pair of scissors and other items are sitting in a holder on a table top
a table topped with lots of different types of thread and spools on top of a bed