Candia Park, Moments of Happiness

Unfortunately summer season is long gone and the last days of sunshine are about to end too! That can only mean that the time has come for us to bid you farewell for this season with the promise to rekindle our friendship next summer 2015!
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Photo by our @Minas Paterakis
What a photo shoot! #CandiaParkVillage Photo credits: @bambalova
Cretan sunset! Photo credits: @schnuckendrift
Fresh juice for sunny days! Photo credits: @pesternikova
Wow!!! Tree person tower! Photo credits: @powder_hound96
Happy moments by the pool!Thank you for sharing @_snakefo_ !
What a beautiful photo shoot! Thank you for sharing @krist_inka !
All kids together! Photo credits: Dimitroulitsa Dialyna
Dance is a feeling, and when you dance with others it's a pleasure and a lovely moment... Photo credits: @Stelios Green
A collage with beautiful and smiling faces! Photo credits: Dimitroulitsa Dialyna

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Watching the view from #CandiaParkVillage Photo credits: @andycoxmusic
Breakfast time at #CandiaParkVillage! Photo credits: @egorova_ev
Cocktail time for @nika_vika_viktoriya at Candia Park Village!!!
Happy moments for one of our guests with our staff! Photo credits: @minaspetrakis
Beautiful flowers - beautiful colors! Photo credits: @malinheleneolsen
Beautiful #family at #CandiaParkVillage. Thank you for sharing @egorova_ev !
Happy-crazy-family moments!!!!Thank you for sharing @enihpesoj911  !
Colorful plates with a bottle of champagne are always welcome! Photo credits: @anikatusha
Relaxing at Candia Park Village! Photo credits: @missija
Family moments at Candia Park Village! Thank you for sharing @andycoxmusic !