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Alcune notizie, pur avendo tutte le carte in regola per essere bufale, sono effettivamente vere. Eccone alcune. E a proposito, leggi anche: i più bei pesci d'aprile 2016

Man Retires, Moves, Discovers His Doppelganger (April Neil Richardson (left) and John Jemison even fold their arms the same way.

Weirdest Strangers Lookalikes Caught In Public

Weird Identical Strangers Caught In Public Have you ever been in a situation when you look at someone and you feel like you're looking in a mirror? You defin.

Two identical-looking women have declared themselves 'twin strangers' after discovering their uncanny resemblance only because strangers were convinced they .

Strangers who look like twins: ‘I’m Not a Look-Alike’- slideshow - slide - 6 -

Rudi Kistler, Maurus Oehman - Francois Brunelle took 12 years to find pairs of unrelated people with similar features and photographed them together.