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Get cleaning advice for how to clean any surface around the house, and the best natural, DIY, or store-bought products to get the job done.
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putting bedsheets in the dryer Laundry, Routine, Vila, Bob, Bob Vila
Your Laundry Routine Is Probably Outdated—Here’s the Modern Way
Can the way to do laundry really change all that much over the years? To your surprise, yes! Advancaements with laundry machines and how clothes are made changes the way we wash and fold. Keep reading for our guide on how to do laundry the right way.
a candle and some candles on a table with the words super simple ways to make your house smell fresh
11 Super Simple Ways to Make Your House Smell Fresh
No one wants a stinky home, but before you reach for store-bought air fresheners consider easy DIYs that will improve the scent inside. Keep reading to learn how to make your house smell good. | 11 Super Simple Ways to Make Your House Smell Fresh
woman cleaning window screen door Cleaning Tips, Windows, Reading, Cleaning Window Screens, Window Cleaner, Cleaning Advice, Window Screens
How to Clean Window Screens
Learn the best methods to remove dust, dirt, and grime, and enjoy a clearer view in no time. Tap the link to start reading.
woman cleaning gardening pot Dish Detergent, Cleaning Guide, Plastic Pots, Terracotta Pots
How To Clean Terra-Cotta Pots
This cleaning guide covers everything from picking the right tools to knowing which type of soap to use. Tap the link to start reading.
How to Sanitize a Sponge in the Microwave
A quick rinse under the sink doesn’t cut it when cleaning your sponge. Check out this video on how to sanitize a sponge in 1 minute. Then click the link for more cleaning hacks tested by the Bob Vila team that actually work!
woman cleaning window outside with spray and microfiber cloth Organisation, Window Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Solutions, Cleaning Household, Diy Cleaning Solution
How to Clean Windows
Even seasoned spring cleaners can level up their skills with our expert tips on achieving streak-free windows. Tap the link to start reading.
cleaning clogged sink with baking soda Spring Cleaning, Natural Ingredients, Clean Microfiber, Clean House, Professional House Cleaning, Ingredients, Deep Cleaning, Natural Cleaning Products
30 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Can Tackle With Natural Ingredients
Revamp your cleaning routine and ditch the chemicals so you can opt for more eco-friendly solutions to freshen up your home. Tap the link to start reading.
cleaning windows with microfiber cloth wearing gloves Tidy Up, Vacuum Storage Bags, Vacuum Storage
5 Ways You Can Use Magnets to Clean Your Home
Learn how using magnets into your house-cleaning routine can change the way you tidy up, making it faster, easier, and more efficient. Click the link to start reading.
the words how to remove grease from kitchen cabinets are in front of a white sink
How To: Remove Grease From Kitchen Cabinets
Uh-oh, are your cabinets getting grimey and gross? You're going to need dish soap, a sponge, vinegar, baking soda and more to clean it up. | How To: Remove Grease From Kitchen Cabinets
a person is washing clothes in a blue tub with yellow, green and purple colors
How to Strip Laundry the Right Way
The Internet is obsessed with laundry striping—but is it worth it? Click through to learn about this cleaning method and for the steps on how to do it. | What Is Laundry Stripping and How To Do It
two hands are washing clothes in a blue tub
How to Laundry Strip in 5 Steps
Learn about the laundry striping technique and then follow our 5 steps for how to do it.
a person washing their hands in a white bowl
How to Strip Laundry the Right Way
You've probably seen the videos of people soaking their clothes in the bathtub leaving behind grimy water; they claim laundry stripping is the best way to truly clean your belongings. But is it all it's cracked up to be? Click through to learn the ins and outs of laundry stripping. | How to Strip Laundry the Right Way
a frying pan that has some kind of food on top of it and is dirty
How to Clean Metal the Right Way
Follow these steps for cleaning cast iron. | How to Clean Metal the Right Way
hand with blue sponge cleaning dirty grout lines Cleaning Recipes, Diy Grout Cleaner, Grout Cleaner, Homemade Grout Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaning, Grout, How To Make Homemade
How To Make Homemade Grout Cleaner |
Cleaning the grout between tiles makes a major difference in appearance. Follow this recipe for an easy and effective DIY homemade grout cleaner.
a close up of a robot vacuum on the ground
The Best Dyson Vacuums of 2022
Harness the power and versatility of the best Dyson vacuum for a cleaner home. See shopping tips and top-rated models here.