Kassandra Bolovinu

Kassandra Bolovinu

Kassandra Bolovinu
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He was actually a physical body in the books, just never seen. This is hilarious though!! "Dang, where'd that Hobbit go?"

Actually I have a head cannon that sauron and smauge are the same entity,they both are ended by greed and enflicted it onto others.

Sherlock Musical. WE NEED IT NOWWWW!

WE NEED IT NOWWWW!<<<<<<<< K imma try to write the play. Lmao I go from writing fanfics that I don't let anyone read to writing a Sherlock musical.


This is so much better that was the cringiest scene in the whole season and that's saying a lot!>>> ANYTHING could've been better than the REAL scene

Love Moriarty! Sherlock S04 EP03 "The Final Problem". Season 4. Episode 3.

Sherlock "The Final Problem". Season Episode Moran is probably in the background rolling his eyes like “God, Jim you’re so cute when you’re showing off”