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A silence reigns upon the air, Upon the pansies by the shore, Upon the violets, pale and fair, Upon the willow, bending o'er; The reeds and lilies silent grow…
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gold edged tea sevice
Tea time on china painted with violets and butterflies
Aynsley English Violets china. I wish!


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a purple and white tea set with flowers on the plate, cups and saucers
Tea time on china painted with violets and butterflies
purple and white plates with flowers on them
Aynsley English Violets china. I wish!
a bed with purple and green flowers on the comforter, pillows and pillow cases
Sweet Violets Floral Linens!
a vase with flowers painted on it sitting on a white sheeted tablecloth,
Limoges Pottery & Glass for sale | eBay
limoges hand painted Bowl Violets
a silver tea pot with flowers in it next to a bowl of lavender rocks and a plate of cookies
blyga violer och rara vivor
Violets Violets Violets - on coffee cups, as candy and as a pot plant in an old silver coffee pot.
a basket filled with purple flowers on top of a table
Vintage violets postcard
there are many purple macaroons on the plate and one has flowers on it
Violet Macarons for Tea!
Pink Piccadilly Pastries: Violet Macarons for Tea!
there are many pictures of different items on this table top, including teapots and plates
a tea set with purple flowers on it
Tea set