Chocolate caramel slice

Chocolate caramel slice Each piece has the surprise of sticky caramel sandwiched between the chocolate and biscuit layers.

Kim's no-bake caramel slice

Kim's no-bake caramel slice We just love this slice from Super Food Ideas food editor Kim Coverdale.

Lemon & honey Anzac tart

Anzac Lemon Tart- This sweet tart with a buttery Anzac biscuit base is filled with a creamy centre of lemon and honey.

Chocolate maple slice

Chocolate Maple Slice: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this dark chocolate and maple syrup dessert slice. d use of extra shortbread crumbs in filling.

Nicole's chewy caramel slice

This chewy caramel slice makes a great afternoon tea treat, or store it in the fridge for the family to enjoy as an after-dinner dessert.

Chocolate caramel pecan slice

Chocolate, caramel and peanut slice

Chocolate caramel slice

Chocolate caramel slice Whether you’re five or chocolate is always high on the agenda, and with this simple recipe, it’s easy to satisfy the cravings.

Macadamia caramel slice

Easy vanilla butter cake main Cakies forum has recommended this for rainbow cake, makes 7 layers

Stretched tea

Stretched tea Enjoy the exotic taste of this refreshing and flavoursome Asian-inspired beverage.

Pecan slice

Create beautiful Indian aromas in your own kitchen with our highest-rated Madras beef curry.