boudouris charalabos

boudouris charalabos

boudouris charalabos
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Cute...Isn't It?

baby beaver here. "What is it I adore the most: that perfect leathery nose, the long curved eyelashes on those closed lids, or those two bright white buck teeth?


Children in the snow, colourful knitted hats and scarves and mitts, rosy cheeks. so much to love about kids in winter!

Look at the toddler when a person throw a baby up in the air, and laughs how much a toddler loves being in the air for few seconds.

Joy of the Lord by Tom Brown. -- I don't know about the Lord, but I remember being able to fly as a child, myself.

Smile for me!! Beautiful young monk photograph

~ Love this picture, and his sweet smile ~

Kuna girl, Panama Girl with a pig for Savannah.

Kuna Indian Girl, Panama City, Panama love the little pig and parrot

LAUGH..till your side hurts & let people wonder what you are up we are all still kids at heart..

Laughter is the best medicine. Especially the laughter of a child.

I'm pretty sure I've pinned her but she's sooooo beautiful!!!

Meet Safa Idriss Nour, the Somali child that portrayed a young Weris Dirie in the film "Desert Flower"

There is nothing as gratifying as a laughing child!

Joyful face on a sweet little girl!

.Stunning face and incredible eyes.

amazing eyes convey a lot combined with a smile

Children's smile - Lacheln der Kinder

God Loves that little smile.I pray God will bless her all the days of her life and ever keep her in His care. I pray she will be an instrument of honor in God's Hands.