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a painting with an eyeglasses and a top hat on it's head
pigs in pink
a painting of a woman with an elaborate hair piece on her head and eyes closed
a painting of a woman with cats on her head and the caption says,
the face of a woman is shown on the moon
Mona Luna
a painting of a smiling woman in a gold frame on the wall next to a white wall domain is for sale | Buy with
love it!! Humor Train
the monaine surrounded by butterflies and grass
a painting of a woman with long hair and braids holding a basket in her hands
a painting of a woman wearing a white dress and gold trim around her neck is shown
an oval portrait of a woman in white dress with her hand on her chest, looking to the side
a painting of a woman holding a cup in front of a vase with roses on it
a woman dressed in red and yellow sitting on the ground