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James Dean
James Dean as Jim Stark in “Rebel Without a Cause”. (WB- 1955)
James Dean, 1950s
cause u got that James dean day dream look in your eye...
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James DEAN (1931-1955) ***** #18 AFI Top 50 Actors, unusual star of Hollywood's Golden Age - before his early death he appeared in only 3 starring roles in the space of little over a year, and yet became, and still is, a worldwide cultural icon, symbol of teenage disillusion and rebellion.
James Byron Dean / Born: 2/8/1931 ~ Died: 9/30/1955 / Age: 24 / Died in a car accident! Best known for his actor role in "Rebel Without a Cause!" Handsome young actor gone way before his time! / R.I.P. (:
James Rebel Without A Cause ,1955.
James Dean's look is good for Avery, maybe give Avery a hat.