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Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. is a full-service online marketing agency offering a wide variety of sales and marketing solutions.
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Brand Marketing Zone Infographics - For a limited time, we’re providing FREE PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATIONS WORTH $1000 to business owners who want to establish optimal marketing budgets and become more competitive and profitable.

Establish an Optimal Marketing Budget for Your Business with Our Pro Consultation Services - Brand Marketing Zone Ltd.

Brand Marketing Zone Infographic - Why Businesses are Spending and Earning on pay per click advertising  Marketers primarily use PPC advertising to:  •	Increase web traffic - 63% •	Generate more leads - 62% •	Increase online sales revenue - 57% •	Achieve or increase measurable ROI - 50%  Contact us message to schedule your free consultation on PPC advertising.

Infographic - Pay per Click Advertising - Brand Marketing Zone Ltd.

Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. Infographics explaining why Social Media Optimization is essential today and how to get customers and sales from social media networks. Send us a message for details and pricing and to schedule your free consultation on social media optimization.

Infographic – Social Media Optimization is Essential to Success - Brand Marketing Zone Ltd.

Dominate Local: Check-ins, Listings, Maps, Reviews. •	85% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses (up from 76% in 2012) •	79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (up from 72%)  •	73% of consumers trust a business more because of reviews (up from 58%) •	65% of consumers are more likely to use a business with positive reviews (up from 52%)   Contact us to schedule your free consultation on Local Buzz.

Infographic –Go Beyond Local Search: Dominate Local Buzz -Brand Marketing Zone Ltd.

Online reputation management (ORM) is an important aspect in the online marketing strategy. There’s a ton of benefits for managing your reputation online. We listed 10 of them in the infographic. But to gain these benefits, you must first be familiar with the three aims of ORM: appear, engage, and influence. send us a message to schedule your free consultation on online reputation management.

Businesses should start managing their online reputation today. Check out this Infographic to see the 10 benefits of online reputation management.