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the back side of a card that says, cahoun's no 1 smenade bluffton
Calhoun's Restaurant Identity Design — Jay Fletcher
a black and white logo with the letter b l
Logos — Yondr Studio
Logos - Yondr Studio
a green book with a white tree on it
Bilalhaider23: I will design professional minimalist business logo design for $50 on fiverr.com
the black mushroom logo is shown on a white background, and it's been designed in
Designersarika: I will do awesome retro vintage logo design for $15 on fiverr.com
Custom Logo design by Kern & Ink Studio www.kernandink.co.uk Hello, my name is sarika and this is my Beautiful Retro Vintage logo gig, only on fiverr.I design smart, creative, business and effective logos including all kind of business branding.Customer satisfaction is my top priority as Happy clients are my products.
sage and mio logo with leaves on the bottom right hand corner, in black and white
Pre-Made Botanical Sage Logo, Plant Logo Design, Leaf Logo, Apothecary Logo, Tea Logo, Herbal Logo, Modern Logo Design, Wellness Logo
ALL THE ARTWORK AND LOGOS ARE CREATED BY ME. I DO NOT USE STOCK DESIGNS! Logo Options: 1. One Logo - one logo of your choosing 2. Two Logos - any two logos 3. Three Logos - any three logos 4. Four Logos - any four logos 5. Logo Set - all five logos Colour Options: Please specify in your order if you want the logo with or without the coloured shapes. For each colour option, you can choose the colours of the logo + the colour of the background. Personalization includes: * Your business name * Tagl