Places to Visit

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Athena's home--Athens' acropolis shines on clear days.
Happy Thai New Year from the historic northern town Phrae.
Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambodia. This was the capital of the ancient Chenla civilization 1400 years ago. The jungle rules now.
Nothing's warmer than Tibetan hospitality.
The timeless serenity of village China. An eroding lifestyle as people keep moving to the cities.
Happy Laotian New Year to all my friends here and all the wonderful people who gave me such a good time there.
Confucian elegance and Vietnam's natural beauty fuse in Hue.
The majestic cathedral in Pisa.
Relaxing the Thai way--the 150-foot-long Sleeping Buddha, Wat, Pho, Bangkok
A chapel for local fishermen, Aegina, Greece