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ONLY use this and it leaves floor spotless. (Heavy duty floor cleaner recipe:  ¼ cup white vinegar   1 tablespoon liquid dish soap   ¼ cup baking soda   2 gallons tap water , very warm.)
8 Extra Ordinary uses of deodorant.  They forgot one.... Use a swipe of deodorant on your shaved bikini line and you will get rid of razor bumps! Lol! Betcha didn't know that!


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Now You Can Write Morse Code


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Crochet Tip: Join granny squares using mattress stitch
a crocheted square with a rubber ducky on it in front of balls of yarn Crochet Quilt, Crochet Square Patterns, Crochet Blanket Designs
Crochet patterns - duck granny square
four crocheted chicken squares with text overlay that reads,'eie hakelanleiung fur hummer granny square ' Knitting Projects, Knit Patterns, Knitting Patterns
Eine Häkelanleitung für Hühner Granny Square
A crochet pattern for chickens Granny Square | ♥ Sugar-sweet apples - creative family blog and travel blog ♥
a crocheted blanket with sun, moon and stars on it next to balls of yarn
tangled up in stars
a crocheted square with a green dinosaur on it Knutselen, Crochet Dinosaur
happy september!
a crocheted square with a teddy bear on the center, and a blue border Tejidos, Crochet Baby
a crocheted square with a bear's face in the center on top Crochet Granny
a cat laying on top of a bed next to a cup of tea and an oven mitt Quilts, Sewing Projects, Sewing Crafts, Fabric Envelope, Quilt Sewing
Easy quilted envelope hot water bottle cover tutorial
a crocheted turtle sitting on top of a table in front of bookshelves
Puff the magic Stegosaurus
a crocheted rhinoceros is sitting on a wooden base with purple and white flowers Crochet Dolls
junmer's Plod triceratops
Mabel Chicken Crochet Pattern