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Dragon ball z facts. This was my favorite show when I was a kid and still is one!!:)

Ok the first few I know and then it gets to Piccolo and Gohan's age difference and then freakin how Cell is the only enemy Goku has not bitten so wtf DBZ

Dragon Ball Z. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

alien android 18 angry bald bangs beard black hair blonde hair blue eyes blue hair bottle brown eyes card chaozu character request chi-chi (dragon ball) chichi creature dragon ball dragonball z drawr drinking dropping earrings eating eyes clos

310*180cm (122x70inch) Huge Cute Cartoon Totoro Double bed Sleeping Bag Pad Sofa $279!!! GIMMEIT!!!

Take a little cap nap with this Totoro cat bed that also functions as a sleeping bag. Inspired by the My Neighbor Totoro Japanese anime film, this over-sized cat bed/sleeping bag is available in two sizes, and is a perfect gift idea for anime geeks.