Litsa Brindaki

Litsa Brindaki

Litsa Brindaki
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WE HAVE A SOUL AT TIMES, sterling silver earrings by #POLAOSLO Design at

Make a statement with POLA OSLO DESIGN contemporary handmade sterling silver jewelry. Unique one-of-a-kind and elegant rings and other jewelry pieces which will complement your individual and sophisticated style.

Great tips on working with sea glass from the Kernowcraft blog

We've made our fair share of sea glass jewellery here at Kernowcraft! Here are our top tips, tools and techniques on working with sea glass.

Bangles Sizing Guide from Jubile Jewel. This is helpful...

Bangles Sizing Guide from Jubile Jewel. This is helpful primarily for DIYing and selling bangles. “” “Measure the distance from the outside of the first knuckle to between the third and fourth finger. This in an approximate measure for a comfortable.

Make this Super Easy Garland in less than 15 minutes! Can be customized to match any occasion.

15 Minute Spring Garland - Ready to decorate! Could also be put on a small white faux tree, or tree branches from the yard with pastel xmas decorations, or silk blossoms glued to the branches.


This reminds me of Kathryn - especially if instead of a petals they were leaves and the beads were green. "Calla Pendant Lariat Necklace, Statement Necklace,Choker Necklace, Bridal Necklace, Bridal Necklace" by BeadsStory