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a sticker that says my name in fractions and the words i love them
a cup with some writing on it that says squat 10 less to more math game
10 More 10 Less Math Center | Splat! Math Game | Splat! Math Center | Ten More Ten Less | 10 More Less | First Grade Math Centers | First Grade Math TEKS | Valentin'e's Math Games | Valentine's Party Games | Valentine's Math Centers | February Math Centers for First Grade #mathforfirstgrade #mathgames #learnmathforadults
a cup that has some cards in it and the words, what is one more less?
Using Math Games to Enhance Learning
One More and One Less Math Center for Kindergarten | Interactive Math Game | Kindergarten Math Games
a piece of paper with buttons on it that says math student, what do you see?
How to Teach Arrays
Miss Giraffe's Class: How to Teach Arrays
an image of a board game with dominos on it
5 Hands-On Activities for Teaching Fractions that your Students will LOVE!
a piece of paper with two dices on it and the words area dice game
Relief Teaching Ideas
Practice finding area with this game!
several wooden signs are lined up on the floor with numbers and words written on them
Kaboom! Possibly the best center game ever. Use to review virtually any subject matter. Use tongue depressors instead of popsicle sticks.
an egg counting game with the words teaching kids to count on addition eggs freebie
Teaching Kids to Count On in Addition - Freebie!
Teaching Kids to Count On- This post has EIGHT different ways to help kids learn how to count on, plus a great Addition Eggs Freebie! #kindergarten
an easter themed worksheet for kids
SupplyMe Online Teacher Supply Store (Formerly MPM School Supplies)
several penny pieces are arranged on toothpicks to spell out the word's and numbers
Free Counting Money Clip Cards for Coins
Free counting money clip cards for coins and great book suggestions for learning about money! A wonderful resource for kindergarten.