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Make herbal cordials - both medicinal and delicious for giving & keeping.

Homemade Medicinal Cordials are easy to prepare and make unique and notable holiday gifts or housewarming presents. The variations are endless and limited only by how many empty bottles you can find to fill!

Herbal Cold Care Chart (Free PDF)

This is a free PDF chart that helps you accurately pinpoint which herb to choose for natural cold and flu care. It's your KEY to Winter Wellness.

Making Pine Sap Salve: it can be used as a wound sealer like super glue and has antibacterial properties as well.

Pine Sap Salve for healing (collect sap, mix with olive oil and bees wax) Entry of the top 90 most important prepping articles goes back to what I started my site on, natural medical.

Teeth colouration. Get rid of the tartar with a single ingredient at home

Get rid of the tartar with a single ingredient at home - Beauty Tricks-Tartar represents a stone that gets formed on teeth. The color varies from yellow to brown, and generally occurs on people with poor hygiene. Get rid of it!