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an image of someone's text message on their cell phone that reads, my grandma just sent me this and i think some of y'all need to read it
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a dog with its mouth open and the caption me checking my phone to see what i missed while i was asleep
People Are Cracking Up At These 30 Memes That Represent Real Womanhood
the text reads, my boyfriend never gon na single again again
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someone i wanna get to know you me - alright pick a category $ 100, 000
a white background with the words, humble enough to know i'm replaceable cocky enough to knows it's a downgrade
…and oh what a downgrade you took 🫠
two texts that are in the same language, one says well potassum is a very nice element
Either one is better than the alternative, which is NO response at all!
two tweets are shown with the caption'how much if an advance did i get per week as a teen? '
allowance as a teen
And a couple ass-whoopins as a bonus 👊 @teetweetsdotcom #allowance #studentlife
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