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chocolate bark with marshmallows in the middle and another dessert on the side
S'mores Chocolate Bark
waffles being cut with a knife on a cutting board
Spritz Pillow Cookies – This Lovely Place
soft chewy and perfectly sweet maple snickrkroddles on a white plate
Maple Snickerdoodles
doughnuts are being made with white icing
Maple Thumbprints
some cookies are stacked on top of each other
Maple Cream Cookies Recipe | Sweet Pea's Kitchen
Maple Cream Cookies Recipe | Sweet Pea's Kitchen
two pieces of marshmallow root cake on a plate with the title, did you know
Marshmallow Root Marshmallows (paleo)
Did you know originally marshmallows came from a plant? Marshmallow (or marsh mallow or Althaea officinalis) is actually a herb! The scientific name of this plant comes form the Greek word "altho" which means to cure. Marshmallow is an amazing demulcent and soothes mucus membranes or any sort of irritated tissues. Here is a recipe that combines the modern counterpart/candy with the herb!
an uncooked pizza sitting on top of a table next to a red grater
Homemade Graham Crackers
This easy, healthy homemade graham cracker recipe is perfect for eating plain, making s'mores, and for graham cracker crust recipes! Make this recipe with einkorn flour or any wheat!
chocolate covered cookies and marshmallows on a white surface with one bite taken out
Homemade Mallomars Recipe - Cooking With Karli
homemade mallomars on the counter, one with a bite taken out of it
some cookies are cooling on a rack with the words, soft and chewy mapledoodle
Maple Snickerdoodles | Super Soft & Chewy Cookies with a Maple Twist!
Homemade Maple Snickerdoodles combine the best snickerdoodle taste and texture with the sweetness of real maple, for a warm and easy treat everyone will love. Soft, chewy, cinnamon-spiced cookies!
chocolate covered cookies in a white bowl with text overlay saying, no girl scout cookies needed
Samoa Truffles
a glass baking dish filled with brownies and marshmallows
Mud Hen Marshmallow Dessert Bars | Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
Mud Hen Bars.. a Gooey Chocolate Chip Marshmallow bar topped with Brown Sugar Meringue!
the best iced oatmeal cookies with white icing
The Best Crumbl Iced Oatmeal Cookies