Working Mules

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two men with long hair and beards are playing guitars on the stage, one is wearing a cowboy hat
Here’s What Guys Are Pinning on Pinterest (28 Photos)
a painting of a man with a cowboy hat sitting at a bar holding a pair of scissors
A cowboy, a shot of whiskey and preparing for trouble.
a group of horses pulling a wagon full of hay
Amish, Lancaster PA, Amish Lifestyle
Nothing like spending two summers in Amish Country to keep your kid on the straight and narrow.
two white horses pulling a plow behind them on a green grass covered field with trees in the background
Amish Tours in Lancaster, PA | Farm, Home, and Bus Excursions
Bringing in the alfalfa. Amish man in the field. Lancaster County, PA
a group of men riding on the back of horses pulling a plow behind them
Why do Amish restrict tractor use? - Amish America
Seven Mules pulling a harrow.
two brown horses pulling a plow in the dirt with one man standing behind them
Billy and the mules hard at work plowing our corn fields.
two horses pulling a plow in the middle of a field with a man standing next to it
Plowing with Mules
Beaverdam Creek Farm: Plowing with Mules
two horses are pulling a plow in the middle of a field with green leaves
Sideway Views
Tobacco Mule's
a brown horse pulling a plow with it's front legs spread wide open
Gigi Embrechts Photography
Genuine Draft
two brown horses standing next to each other with bridles on their heads and noses
Rawhide Mules by Maggie Bryce |
Rawhide Mules by Maggie Bryce
a brown horse wearing a bridle standing next to a white building with a red leash on it's neck
a mule waiting to get unhooked...
a man plowing a field with two horses
Hard work for man and beast. Plowing a Field.