Tsarouchis, Yannis

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The Four Seasons (detail) 1969 by Yannis Tsarouchis
New portrait with white shirt (1948) by Yannis Tsarouchis
Yannis Tsarouchis
Yannis Tsarouchis, greek painter
Endymion, Villeneuve-les-Sablons, 1979 by Yannis Tsarouchis.
Yannis Tchourakis - 1910-1989 - Sailor in winter dress on a pink background, 1955
#Tsarouchis, is regarded as one of the greatest #Greek painters of the 20th century.
Yannis Tsarouchis / Policeman sitting on a bed and a rose on the floor Athens, 1947-48 Oil on cloth, 31.5 x 24.7 cm
Yannis Tsarouchis, 'David's Dream,' 1968
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