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a painting of a blue bug surrounded by flowers
Girlscout // Queen #summer #illustration #painting #gouche #art #floral #bee #nature
many different types of crocheted dolls are shown in this image, including dresses and bonnets
210 Sunbonnet Sue Applique Quilt Patterns Ideas BF7
210 Sunbonnet Sue Applique Quilt / Patterns Ideas
a black and white drawing of two people with the words give thanks
Vintage Thanksgiving--giving thanks to God for our blessings!
Embroidered monogram Whitework Embroidery, Monogram Embroidery, Techniques Couture, Vintage Monogram, Craft Stuff
Embroidered monogram
Embroidered monogram
an embroidered wallpaper with white flowers and vines
Embroidered initial
Embroidered Monogram E
the letter e is made up of white and blue thread
Reader's Embroidery: Cleverly Combining Styles & Color
Hand Embroidered Monograms in Color
the diagram shows how to tie a ribbon around a pair of scissors and then cut it into pieces
Ribbon Embroidery How To
French knot
three pictures showing how to thread the ends of two knitting needles, one for each needle
Purl Soho | Beautiful Yarn For Beautiful Knitting
how to make a French knot
two pictures showing different types of scissors
Bullion knot stitch
BULLION STITCH: make a stitch (length depends on the size bullion needed) & wrap the thread around the needle. Make neat closely packed wraps. Once you have enough wraps on the needle to cover the length of the stitch, add two extra wraps. Pull the needle through & neaten the knots. Invert the needle & insert back into the fabric at the starting stitch. LOOPED BULLIONS: make a small stitch & make lots more wraps than the length of the stitch. Insert needle back into the starting stitch.
a pair of knitting needles sitting on top of a piece of fabric
Ribbon Embroidery How To
how to embroider words--good to know, for clothes, pillows or even on paper!