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an image of two different plants and one has long hair on it's head
Rust and Humus - Bestiary Part I, Lucas Roussel
ArtStation - Rust and Humus - Bestiary Part I
an image of some kind of bird with wings
a drawing of an angel with two large wings
Angel, Seryeon Jung
an image of a paper doll with various items
Outfit inspiration for a charecter, fantasy #cosplay#healer#wizard#fairy#aesthetic#art#mage#mageoutfits#outfit#botanical#fantasy#fantasybook#bookinspiration
an image of two people dressed in ancient clothing and holding hands out to each other
新练习, zhongping Zhang
ArtStation - 新练习
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a tree branch
Quetzal, Olya Bossak
ArtStation - Quetzal, Olya Bossak
an artist's rendering of a man with long hair and horns standing next to a giant creature
[Contest Entry] for Lycantrope Month: Weremoth
a drawing of a woman with long white hair and red eyes standing in front of a black background