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Quote from 13 Reasons Why 1x13 │ Hannah Baker: I need it to stop. Kevin Porter: You need what to stop? Hannah Baker: I need everything to stop. Just... People. Life.
13 Reasons Why Netflix Poster 5
13 Reasons Why | Clay and Tony | Tape 4, Side B

• TV: 13 Reasons Why •

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The 100 and Tumblr Text Posts || Marcus Kane and Bellamy Blake || tumblr - bellblake || Henry Ian Cusick and Bob Morley
John Murphy - The 100
Bellamy Blake channeling his inner Nick Fury. || The 100 season 2 episode 5 - Human Trials || Bellamy Blake, Abby Griffin and Clarke Griffin || Tumblr - jinglebellamyrock || Bob Morley, Paige Turco and Eliza Jane Taylor || The 100 & The Avengers

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Not prepared for the emotions that will occur in this episode :')
I love this scene <3 #90210
Annie: "Love sucks." Naomi: "I'm getting that tattooed on my face." Annie: "Well, that'll keep the boys away." Naomi: "I doubt it."

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Oh, Howard!! ♥
Agent Carter
Peggy Carter textposts: I'm going to jail for excessive cuteness and manslaughter.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
And the award for 'Best character introduction in a TV Series' goes to Agent Phil Coulson - Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
And there goes my heart shattering into a million pieces. || Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

• TV: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D •

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This scene solidified my love for the character of Felicity XD
awww looking back i wish things had gone differently for roy...hes such a good person at heart and i think hell finallllly get the chance to show it...
Arrow - 1x14 The Odyssey - Emily Bett Rickards on fitting Stephen Amell into the back of a Mini. - omg, this is hilarious!

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Amy and Sheldon’s hobbies | Community Post: 41 Laughs We Got From "The Big Bang Theory"
Big bang theory
The Big Bang theory- she's so good for him

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Booth and Bones playing a game.....that escalated quickly.
Booth showing his gooey center. | The 23 Best Things About "Bones"
...Thats why no gun! Love Bones. #BonesIsTheBest

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I can see him gasping and saying in tears that it worked
Brooklyn Nine Nine

• TV: Brooklyn Nine-Nine •

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Amazing acting on The Gube's part. He's facial expressions and the way he talks are just spot on. A very moving episode.
Criminal Minds- funny scene. Kevin Lynch and Penelope Garcia.
Criminal Minds - Morgan & Reid

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Desperate Housewives - Minimalist Posters by  Benoit Schrijnemakers
Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives

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Test: ¿Qué personaje de 'Élite' eres?- CosmopolitanES
Elite, a série da Netflix com atores de La Casa de Papel já é um dos maiores sucessos da plataforma! E esse casal e lindo sim.

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Bryshere Gray as Hakeem
empire tv show fox - Google Search
Scenes from Empire

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euphoria quotes scenes

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The Gifted
The Gifted

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I dont even gel on weekends.
Kurt ):

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My favorite Gossip Girl quote EVER <3
My favorite line from the entire show. Chuck's love for Blair is beyond perfect.
"Once he's out of the way I'll have a clear shot at Blair." - Chuck Bass. "You know it's love when you start talking like an assassin." - Nate Archibald, Gossip Girl

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Listen to Penguin, the little birdy is always right
Anyone waiting for this? (Gotham)
jock on Twitter: "Another drawing of @robinlordtaylor as Oswald Cobblepot for the GOTHAM tv show — http://t.co/etGCH7SyAb"

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Zero + I think about Jude first
Zude in Til Death Do Us Part
Zero kissing Jude, parallels

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