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Antique, original, german lithograph from 1892 - Dynamomaschinen - Dynamo machines. This beautiful lithography print comes from "Brockhaus Konversations Lexikon"
Spotlight Destination: The Orient Express - Park and Oak Interior Design
size: 12x9in Photographic Print: Women Rail Workers Standing at Work on Engine of Train, During WWI at Great Northern Railway : Artists

Alez Rounek

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the healer has the bloodiest hands
the healer has the bloodiest hands
an old fashioned typewriter sitting on top of a table next to books and candles
a pair of scissors sitting on top of white towels
many metal pipes are lined up together in a pile on the floor, with one pipe sticking out of it's side
Lot of Mortician's Vintage Embalming Instruments
an old black and white photo of a nurse tending to a patient
a glass filled with lots of test tubes
— mcu
a red cross on white cloth with a metal buckle attached to the side of it
a painting of a woman walking in the snow
История России на картинах художника Вячеслава Рассохина
От пасхальной заутрени