Only 3 ingredients needed for this Red Wine Hot Chocolate!

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

1 cup milk (I used cup red wine (I used Kendall-Jackson Cabernet cup dark chocolate chunks(Hot Chocolate Bars)

OMG I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Iced Chocolate bytasteandtell: Decadent and perfect for summer, this chocolate drink is perfect for company or just for a summer night.


chocolate Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake (white chocolate mousse on top) white chocolate mousse recipe Mint-White Choco.

Hot chocolate

The contrast of the nutella and cocoa on the black plate against the black table doesn't appeal to me. The background takes away from the main focus.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cups chocolate mousse cake Chocolate, Hazelnut and Coconut Mousse Cakes perfect chocolate mousse Chocolate Ca.

Chocolate Sunshake + Slaying An Anxiety Dragon // #smoothie #paleo #glutenfree #vegan #anxiety #sunbutter

A couple weekends back, I found myself crying in a farmers market. This isn’t typical farmers market behavior. Usually it’s a sunhat wearing, hip checking a vegan to get the best bunche…

Jamie Oliver's Hot Chocolate

Epic hot chocolate

Aztec (or Mexican) drinking chocolate. Similar to hot chocolate, but with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of dried chipotle pepper to kick up the flavor and add some spice. Dustin would probably love this stuff.

Chocolate Mousse Smoothie ||

Healthy Chocolate Mousse Smoothie

Thick, creamy, and packed with wholesome ingredients, this healthy chocolate mousse smoothie is a treat for both the body and soul.

Hot chocolate

Holy cup of joy, Batman! This is made of all the best things in life - sugary goodness and alcohol! Salted Caramel Vodka Hot Chocolate (from london bakes)

Melted Hot Chocolate with Sea Salt Whipped Cream | 22 Hot Chocolate Recipes To Get You Through Winter

22 Hot Chocolates You Must Make This Winter

Adventures in Cooking: Melted Hot Chocolate With Sea Salt Whipped Cream RP by Splashtablet the & suctin mount Case - on now!



The BEST HOT CHOCOLATE ● 1 heaped tbsp raw cacao powder 3 cups nut milk of choice, I used cashew nut milk 1 tsp vanilla extract or powder 1 tbsp coconut sugar or manuka honey 1 pinch cayenne pepper 1 tsp cinnamon tsp cardamon 1 Tbsp coconut oil

How to make Italian hot chocolate, which is more like a melted chocolate bar than a watery drink. Mmmm.

9 creative hot chocolate recipes

The best hot chocolate I ever had was in Italy. How to make Italian hot chocolate, which is more like a melted chocolate bar than a watery drink.