I tell my children this every morning lol let me finish a cup or two before you come down bothering me.Leave me be Leave me be Tea ART PRINT - 8 x 10 Giclee . by SquinkStudio on Etsy

steaming hot tea ... in an amazing hand-thrown ceramic mug.

ceramic mug, dont you just want to wrap your hands around it and clasp it tight? Who doesnt love a good cup of hot tea?

Tea for me.

Emily creates her illustrations using hand drawn, water colour and digital collage.

hot tea on a chilly day

A hot drink with a soft, cosy blanket feels so autumnal. I love getting wrapped up on autumn days and staying indoors with tea and a good book.

which teas do what..

Black tea, chamomile tea, green tea, white tea, cat tea (how adorable) and hibiscus tea! A short and lovely bit of explanation of only some of the health benefits of different teas.