Ice cream and Popsicles

Easy homemade ice cream and popsicle recipes to cool off during the Summer time!
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an ice cream sundae with chocolate chunks and whipped cream on top
Turtle Brownie No Churn Ice Cream
two lime pops on top of each other with the text keto key lime protein pops
Key Lime Protein Popsicles
Creamy, rich Protein Popsicles with all the tangy-sweetness of Key Lime Pie! This high protein treat has all the flavor you crave with less than 5g of carbs.
a hand holding an ice cream cone filled with berries
Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
Put those fresh summer cherries to use for this Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream! This recipe has instructions to make it with an ice cream maker or as no churn ice cream, both ways make a creamy dreamy copycat of a classic!
no - churn strawberry ice cream in a metal container
No-Churn Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe
an ice cream cone with chocolate on top and two bananas in the backgroud
Homemade Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream
Homemade Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream that is so super easy to make, velvety and incredible! You won't even taste the avocado but will love the chocolate creaminess! AD
watermelon lime honey popsicles with limes and lime slices on the side
3 Ingredient Watermelon Popsicles
Beat the heat with our refreshing Watermelon Lime Honey Popsicles! Sweet watermelon, tangy lime, and a hint of honey come together in these frozen sweet treats. Just blend, freeze, and enjoy on a hot summer day!
no churn cream cheese ice cream in a white bowl with the text overlay
No Churn Cream Cheese Ice Cream
Rich and creamy Cream Cheese Ice Cream is like an amazing slice of decadent cheesecake, in ice cream form! This easy no churn ice cream is made with just 4 ingredients in less than 10 minutes hands on time. Serve alone, add your favorite mix-ins or enjoy it on your favorite desserts! Click the pin for recipe! #creamcheese #icecream #dessert #nochurnicecream
two pictures of popsicles with limes on them
Easy Blueberry Popsicles
Indulge in summer sweetness with these easy homemade blueberry popsicles! Simply blend fresh blueberries with dates and half and half, pour into molds, and freeze for a refreshing treat that's bursting with flavor. Perfect for hot days and picnics!
homemade ice cream sandwiches are stacked on top of each other with the text overlay
Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches
Ice Cream Sandwiches are a frozen delight everyone in the family will love. Make them for your next cookout or have them on standby in the freezer for when you want a delicious dessert. #icecreamsandwiches
chocolate brownies with ice cream sandwiches stacked on top of each other and the words delicious brownie ice cream sandwiches above them
Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches
the ingredients for peanut butter chocolate sugar - free popsicles
Sugar Free Popsicles (healthy + low-carb)
These easy Sugar-Free Popsicles will be your favorite summer dessert! This easy recipe for healthy peanut butter chocolate yogurt pops is great for pool parties, get-togethers, and late-night cravings.
6h 5m
two scoops of orange sherbet ice cream
Orange Sherbet
You will never want store-bought Orange Sherbet again after trying this easy and delicious homemade recipe! Only 5 ingredients.
1h 20m
no churn mango ice cream in a bowl
Homemade Mango Ice Cream
With mango chunks and a creamy base, this EASY 5-ingredient no churn Mango Ice Cream will whisk you away to the tropics.
orange cremesice popsicles on a plate
Orange Creamsicle Popsicles
These two ingredient Orange Creamsicle Popsicles are easy to make! Healthy, affordable and a great summer snack! Can be made dairy free too!