Capuchin Monkeys

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Orphaned Chimp Hugs Rescuer All The Way To Her New Sanctuary

Baby chimpanzee, Rebeca, was saved from traffickers in Liberia. She just got the safe new home she deserves where she can grow up strong.

Baby Chimp Makes New Friends While He Waits To Reunite With Mom

"He's not a big climber, but prefers ground-based games of chase, wrestling and tickling."

Teamwork, not pure brain power, is the 'secret ingredient' that gave Man an advantage over the apes, say scientists

Teamwork is the key ability that separated Man from the apes, say researchers at St Andrews University after tests where nursery children 'outwitted' chimps by sharing and advising each other.

Fuck Yeah Great Apes

Dedicated to our cousins in the Hominidae family and the efforts to preserve, protect and defend their lives, homes and general well-being. Organizations: Aspinall Foundation Bushmeat Project Jane Goodall Institute The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Great Ape Project Great Ape Trust International Gorilla Conservation Programme Last Great Ape Organization Great Apes Survival Partnership Limbe Wildlife Center Lola Ya Bonobo Orangutan Appeal UK Orangutan Foundation International Orangutan Outreach…

Is it time to sell your insurance agency?

As a consultant to the insurance industry, I work in many facets of the industry. One my favorites is in the mergers and acquisitions field. Over the past several years I’ve worked closely with many agency owners that were considering a sale. I’ve found that lots of owners have thought about selling. However, the ones that move from thinking to acting have one thing in common – they know why they want to sell. Below are some of the top reasons people decide to sell their organization Have…

Desperate zookeepers turn to online dating for ANIMALS to find ideal mates for rare species

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Population Management Center have developed a web page with thousands of animals ready to be matched with a potential mate in zoos around the United States.

Common chimpanzee sitting on rock, Africa

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