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a drawing of a woman in an army uniform with gloves on and one hand up to her head
*⁠.⁠✧ Leo Valdez fanart ✧.*
artist: fedzzzart on Tumblr Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus I am so normal about him TAGS: #percyjacksonandtheolympians #heroesofolympus #leovaldez
an animated image of a boy holding scissors in front of a giant orange dragon's head
Festus and Leo
Art by @scrrunchi on Insta
a drawing of a man flying through the air with his feet up in the air
a drawing of a man sitting on a chair next to a roped off wall
Its Ya Boy, Art Student
fruity edge
a drawing of a young man with his hands on his head, wearing sunglasses and a white tank top
Leo Valdez
a drawing of a woman with curly hair and an orange shirt is smiling at the camera
Leo Valdez by soia.jpg on Twitter.
the young man is wearing suspenders and white shirt