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I love you more than BEFORE UMWAHHHHHHH
a black and white cat laying on the floor
blue tit's wings
mariusu: “(via 500px / Cat by Marius Unes) ”
two pictures of a cat sitting on top of a watermelon in the grass
"This is MINE! Whatever the hell it is"!
"This is MINE! Whatever the hell it is"!
a stuffed animal that is sitting in the grass
World's Cutest Frog Puts Internet Cats to Shame
<---ok cute picture but click and watch the FROG THAT SOUNDS LIKE A SQUEAKY TOY <3 just love this
a poster with the words if i was anything like my dog
Rover 99 - *Like My Dog | Poster
a gray and white cat laying on top of a chair
are you awake yet? how 'bout now?
a brown and white dog is looking at the camera
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How can you go wrong with a face like that! I need to find me an apartment that will allow a big lovable greyhound.