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Irene Papas - the face of Athena in the flesh, strength passion and intelligence

Η «ζωντανή Καρυάτιδα» από το Χιλιομόδι έγινε 89 χρόνων |

Hellas Inhabitants Of The Shiny Stone: Eternal greek beauty! Greek actress Irene Pappas next to a greek statue

Irene Papas

Irene Pappas is a retired Greek actress and occasional singer.

Gian Maria Volonte, and Irène Papas in We Still Kill The Old Way (A ciascuno il suo), 1967, directed by Elio Petri.

"A chacun son dû" De Elio Petri Avec Gian Maria Volonte, Irène Papas.

Irene Papas

A Greek living legend of the theater and motion pictures, glorious Irene Papas. She’s living history. She once said : “I never wanted to play sensational parts, or those of desirable women. I wanted to play me. the independent fighter.

Irene Papas

Irene Papas is like the Doric* ideal incarnate: solid, austere lines, drama in attitude, fortitude in distress.