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the structure of a building with all its components labeled
355 11th Street
metal facade
a metal building sitting on the side of a road next to a street light and trees
Starbucks Coffee Omaha, NE Rheinzink prePatina Graphite Gray Zinc, Interlocking Reveal Panels
a large building with a wooden door on the side of it's face in front of other buildings
Facade. Lovely.
a house with a staircase going up to it
Xeros Residence by Blank Studio
In the latest EDITION29 Architecture 009 (a fantastic iPad magazine), they delve into the Xeros Residence, a steel structure located in a part of Phoenix, Arizona that was established in the 1950s. Designed by architect Matthew Trzebiatowski of Blank Studio, the two-story structure was built for the desert and gets its name Xeros (which means “dry” in Greek) as a reminder to build for the environment in which a structure stands.
a black building with a tree in front of it
A Home Inspired by an Ant Colony (Seriously) - Remodelista
Home inspired by ant colonies, by Atsushi and Mayumi Kawamoto of mA-Style Architects
two photos side by side of a red building with windows and lights on the outside
11 Red Houses And Buildings That Aren't Afraid To Make A Statement
11 Red Houses And Buildings That Aren't Afraid To Make A Statement | Red corrugated metal siding makes this house in the trees pop against the greenery of the forest.
two people standing in front of a building with large rocks on the ground near by
Metal-clad building provides facilities for local entrepreneurs
Metal-clad building provides facilities for local entrepreneurs.
an apartment building with multiple levels and balconies
Facade detail.
an open garage door with a tractor in it
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HappyModern.RU | Сарай для дачи своими руками (54 фото): пошаговая инструкция |
people sitting on benches in front of a building with glass walls and trees around it
Duggan Morris Architects
Duggan Morris Architects . Energy Hub . London (1)
an empty building with stairs and windows
EM2N Architekten
an image of a building taken on instagram with the caption that reads, i can't tell if it is black and white or not • In Pursuit of the Sublime
Irregular grid patterns in architecture with contrasting lines, tone & texture
a large metal building sitting on top of a brick floor
Gallery of Saint-Sauveur House / Hors-Champs - 18
Gallery of Saint-Sauveur House / Hors-Champs - 18
the building has many windows on it and is lit up at night with people walking outside
Office in Son Bugadelles / RipollTizon
Built by RipollTizon in Calvià, Spain with date 2014. Images by José Hevia. The new building of the water management company Hidrobal is located in the industrial park of Calvia, in a corner pl...