Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

YUMMY - Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes (These are so very good! Oh, and I didn't have milk or buttermilk, and used just almond milk and it was just fine! Light and refreshing and not too sweet! They are just perfect!

3 Tier Chocolate Waterfall Wedding Cake - Cake by Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials

3 tier gravity defying wedding cake with profiteroles and chocolate. The chocolate pours down and spills into the bride and grooms initials on the base.

baby shower cake....i love this one too!!

From pinner: "This is the cutest Baby cake ever! " What a great baby shower idea for the cake! Cutest cake I've seen so far!

7 Bakery Secrets for Perfect Cupcakes ~ valuable chef's tips #desserts #DIY

7 Bakery Secrets for Perfect Cupcakes ~ Valuable Chef's Tips (Raise your hand. Have you ever had a batch of cupcakes that failed miserably? Even if you're the queen of cupcakes, Trophy Cupcakes Seattle shared some pointers, and they're brilliant.