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Cathleen Freeman

Cathleen Freeman
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Toadstool it isn't! Though it looks like a toadstool straight out of Alice in Wonderland, this is a Boletus, or HRIB in Czech - a very delicious mushroom!

Persistent Waxcap (Hygrocybe acutoconica) ~ By Eduardo  Duro

I am at awe with nature's ability in producing colors, textures and forms such as this. Persistent Waxcap (Hygrocybe acutoconica) ~ By Eduardo Duro

golierovka zelenkastá Stropharia aeruginosa (Curtis) Quél. poisonous mushroom by Laco Tabi

Wow- Love the blue fungi! Stropharia Aeruginosa, commonly known as The Verdigris Agaric ~ By Laco Tábi

Украшения из настоящих растений byVostrova

Met a little girl named Amanita and was inspired to learn more about this mushroom. Amanita muscaria commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, is a mushroom and psychoactive basidiomycete fungus, one of many in the genus Amanita.