Splendid Spain!

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an alley way with stone buildings and cobblestones
Streets of Catalonia, Spain
Streets of Catalonia, Spain
an alley way with brick buildings and cobblestone roads in the middle, surrounded by stone walls
Barro Gótico, Barcelona, España
an ornately decorated lobby with columns and chandeliers
Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville, Spain
a woman standing next to a statue in front of a building
La Sagrada Familia
Statue à l'entrée de la Sagrada Familia - #Barcelona
an alley way with stone buildings and arched doorways
Carrer de Girona. Catalunya. (España)
the inside of an old building with columns and arches on either side of the room
Flickriver: Photoset 'Palacio de Carlos V - Granada' by maldonado photography
Palacio de Carlos V ~ Granada, España
people are walking down the street in an urban area with tall buildings and balconies
Madrid, Spain
an aerial view of the cathedrals in barcelona, spain
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